Karate Lessons in Yonkers, New York


Karate Lessons in Yonkers

We teach classes or all Age Groups

As part of the monthly program, you will be scheduled for a half hour private lesson to teach you the proper way to execute the self-defense techniques. The private lesson is a good workout but more importantly, the instructor can concentrate strictly on you to correct mistakes and enhance striking ability. Each week, you not only review but also learn new and effective techniques.


Once you are shown the proper way to deliver techniques, you need the speed, power, and stamina to make them work. Of the three necessities, stamina is usually the most difficult to achieve. Many people have enough speed and power to deliver effective strikes but cannot maintain the level of energy to thwart an attack.
We also do physical exercise in the class. We help build your muscles by using focus pads, heavy kicking bags, and target pads. The stronger your muscles are, the more your opponent absorbs a strike. You not only want your strikes to hit the outside of an opponent, but to penetrate the body to affect the nerves, arteries, and vital organs.

Kids Karate (Ages 4 to 7 Years Old)

The Kids Karate class trains children with different drills that develop the bodies’ reflexes. The drills revolve around games and competitions that coordinate and build the muscles but make it a fun event to maintain interest in the workout. The students learn basic karate skills in an organized environment to help with concentration and focus.