Our Instructor


Trent Perri who owns and is the chief instructor to this day, established American Olympic Karate of Yonkers in 1976. He received his first and second Degree Kenpo Black Belt from David (Friberg) Bradford who had a Karate school in Yonkers New York for more than 10 years.

Trent Perri continued in Kenpo and received a seventh Degree from Grand Master Al Tracy. Mr. Perri also has a fifth Degree Black Belt from Karate legend Joe Lewis. He holds two Black Belts, one in Kenpo Karate under Dave Bradford and Al Tracy, and one in the American Karate System under Joe Lewis.

Besides teaching at American Olympic Karate, Mr. Perri also trains students for the Yonkers Parks and Recreation Karate program spanning the last ten years. He has promoted 22 of his students to the rank of Black Belt, five of who now own and operate their own Karate studio.