Little Tiger Program: ( Ages 4 – 8 )

“LITTLE TIGERS” are allowed to attend any TWO SEMI – PRIVATE LESSONS of the three DESIGNATED FOR THEIR BELT RANK each week IN ADDITION to any TWO of the three GROUP CLASSES offered. ALL SEMI – PRIVATE LESSONS will run 30 minutes and ALL GROUP CLASSES run 45 minutes.

Tuition Rates for both the “Little Tigers” and “Junior Olympian Programs” are $150 per month paid through our automated payment processing system. Payments are debited  monthly until WE RECEIVE NOTICE BY E-MAIL AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEXT SCHEDULED PAYMENT DATE  that the student will no longer be continuing.  FAMILIES WILL RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT IN TUITION RATE WHEN A SECOND CHILD IS ENROLLED AND A 30% DISCOUNT WHEN THREE CHILDREN ARE ENROLLED..

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