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$99.00 / year

Welcome to our video series on American Kenpo Karate, a guide to mastering the different belt levels accessible from your computer.  Your $99 membership fee grants you unlimited access to all of the material recorded for Belts Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown 3rd Degree, Brown 2nd Degree, Brown 1st Degree and Black Belt 1st Degree. We have been teaching the Art of American Kenpo Karate at our studio since 1976.  Since our founding, 6 of our Black Belts have gone on to start their own Karate Studios. In an effort to expand our audience reach and introduce a new generation of Martial Artists to the Highly Effective and Americanized Art of American Kenpo Karate, we have put together this Instructional Video Series where all of the material from Yellow Belt all the way up to 1st Degree Black is demonstrated and explained in detail. This course can undertaken merely for personal enlightenment or, for the first time in our almost 45 year history, prompted by current events, for Promotion through the ranks.  E-Mail us @ for more information regarding this program.

This Program consists of the transfer of proprietary information from our program to the consumer, rather than the purchase of a physical product.  As such, it is NON – REFUNDABLE since once access to the material has been granted, the proprietary information remains with the consumer in perpetuity.  By making this purchase, the BUYER acknowledges the purchase is final and NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-RETURNABLE.

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