“Junior Olympians” are allowed to attend any TWO SEMI – PRIVATE LESSONS of the FIVE DESIGNATED FOR THEIR BELT RANK each week IN ADDITION to any TWO of the FIVE GROUP CLASSES offered. ALL SEMI -PRIVATE LESSONS will run 30 minutes and ALL GROUP CLASSES run 45 minutes.

ALL Semi – Private lessons have been scheduled either immediately preceding or following the regular Group Classes to avoid extra trips to the school. Exceptions will be made for families with more than one child attending, especially if the students have different belt ranks.

Tuition Rates for both the “Little Tigers” and “Junior Olympian Programs” are $150 per month paid through our automated payment processing system.  Payments are debited  monthly until WE RECEIVE NOTICE BY E-MAIL AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEXT SCHEDULED PAYMENT DATE  that the student will no longer be continuing. FAMILIES WILL RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT IN TUITION RATE WHEN A SECOND CHILD IS ENROLLED AND A 30% DISCOUNT WHEN THREE CHILDREN ARE ENROLLED.

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